Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Visiting the Community of Share - Tuesday 19 July

Today was another long day for the team and this blog post is  a composite based on texts and photos from them which they have sent during the day.  The team have headed for bed so, back in the UK, I'm passing on what they have told me.

Accommodation at WITS
Earlier today the team left the Hands at Work Hub in White River and travelled north for about two hours to the Bush Buck Ridge region of Mpumalanga in South Africa.  They transferred to their new accommodation for the next few days - a rural base of the University of Witwatersrand (more commonly referred to as WITS). 

It's basic, but safe and welcoming and only a few minutes from the community of Share which Link for Life is partnering with through Hands at Work.

Walking to a 'Home Visit'  in Share
After dropping their bags and food the team headed for Share - in time to meet the care volunteers and join them at the care point where orphaned and vulnerable children in the community receive food and care.  A visit to Share usually involves walking along hot, dusty tracks  to call on the homes of the children, who are all known by name by the care volunteers.

The walking is important - a slow pace allows chance to listen to the care volunteers, hear about the children who are being cared for and offer ecnouragement to the volunteers. It is often on the walk to a home visit that the story of the children emerges - stories of situations which would crush many of us.  But somehow, with the support of the care volunteers, the children are able to continue and to have hope.

There will no doubt be more walking and talking for the team tomorrow and there will be stories to be heard and shared too.

To the Link for Life Team, the Care Volunteers and the children we wish you well in their day together tomorrow - and pray for hope, encouragement and strength for them all.
Richard Westwood - on behalf of the 2016 Link for Life Team