Sunday, 24 July 2016

Our Weekend Break

After a really busy seven days at Hands visiting three of their partner communities, we have enjoyed a couple of days of relaxing. While we have been doing these things (to follow) we couldn't help thinking about the people we had met and if they would ever get the opportunity to do the things we have done. The questions we have been asking ourselves are:

How do the children manage without the care workers at the weekend?

Kruger park is so close to the villages but will the children ever get to see the animals that live on their doorstep?

How much do the local communities receive from the tourist destinations as opposed to national and international companies?

We have had two very busy days. On Saturday we got up at 4am to leave for 5am and saw the sun rise over the plains of  Kruger National Park. Because it was so early the animals were very active and we were able to see:

Giraffe,             Elephants,                Impala,               Hyena,        
Zebra,              Cheetah,                  Kudu,                  Hippopotamus,
Fish Eagle,        Wildebeest,              Warthog,             Cape glossy starling,
Baboon,            Crocodile,                Tortoise,              Vervet monkey,
Rhino,               Buffalos,                 Waterbuck,           Steinbock,
Tortoise,           Cormorant,               Hornbill.

We liked the groups of Hyena (and the baby... Great photograph by Gina here...), Warthog, Hippo and Elephants...

Today we woke up to low cloud which meant that we didn't see the views from God's window and Blyde River Canyon but it was clearer at Bourke's Luck Potholes. On the way home we treated ourselves to a Gluten free pancake at Harry's.

We are writing this around a warm open wood fire. It's 8 o'clock so we are off to bed soon before another early start!

Love from us all!