Friday, 22 July 2016

Today we visited a new community called Mluti, there were four care workers looking after thirty five children, making sure they each had a hot meal every day Monday to Friday. When we arrived we split into four groups and went on home visits assisted by the care workers to meet the care givers within the community. 

On my home visit (Ellen) we met a father of two children who was trying to obtain a job so he could provide for his children, as their mother had left them and no one knew where she had gone to. It was beautiful to see a father who loved his children to the extent to which he would go to bed hungry to ensure that he provided for his children. He spoke with such pride about his children doing well in school and working hard to pass their exams. 

When we got back from home visits, we helped the care workers finish preparing the food for the kids to eat when they got back from school. When the kids arrived, we said hello’s and introduced ourselves and then sat with some boys while they tried to teach us some siSwati (the mother tongue) which took a while as we’re all really rubbish at siSwati. They then told us about their homes and school and we listened to their stories. We then served the kids their lunch of Samp and vegetables and beetroot.

When the time came for us to leave, the care workers expressed their gratitude for the work Hands at Work do and thanked us for visiting. 

So thank you readers for all your support enabling us to be here to support the inspirational women that care the most for these vulnerable children in their greatest time of need. 

Bye for now, Ellie and Gina xoxoxox