Thursday, 21 July 2016

Share - Wednesday the 20th of July

A few words from members of the team ...

I have been amazed by the strength of faith that these people have, faced with such difficulties. Love Liz x

Today we were in Share again. We went on a home visit with Ruth and GuGu to visit a lady named Faith "GoGo Faith". She is an amazingly strong woman, she cares for her 3 grandsons as the parents 'aren't around' so suspect they probably passed away. She was explaining that they are all doing very well at school but as the oldest grandson goes to the high school which is far away it means he is unable to help her around the house so she struggles because of her age. She asked Andy to pray for her, she asked him to pray that she lived long enough to care for all of her grandchildren so they can do well at school and get decent jobs. I think that is an astonishing thing to ask for because she doesn't want to live for herself, only for her grandchildren so she can care for them.
Love Ryan x

Today we visited the husband of a care-worker who passed away in the past year. This care-worker was a friend of ours; a care-worker many of us know. Easily recognised as the beauriful woman who often wore a yellow Brazil football shirt. It was a privilege to meet her husband and to hear him ask for prayer that he would stay well enough to be able to support his family by collecting and chopping firewood to sell to the community.  He thinks that with the support of the CBO and with the help of his eldest daughter, he will be able to carry on.Rose

The past two days have been at Share, going on home visits with the care workers, helping prepare and distribute the meals to the children and playing with the children. Yesterday I felt a bit overpowered by it all, but not in a negative way; I just needed to sleep to process it. So today I was ready and felt I knew what to expect. We visited Lucas who was doing a very good job of providing for his six children despite very difficult personal circumstances and then we met Happy who turned out the be Lucas's niece. Back at the care point I played catch with some of the children and I tried to learn some of their names. We then had lots of fun with the parachute Liz had brought from Penkridge and I finished off getting very dizzy spinning three boys around in turns. When I said goodbye to them one of them threw his arms around me and gave me a big hug. It's those moments that you know you're doing something good.Mike

So.. we have spent two days in the community of Share making holy home visits with the careworkers, helping in preparing and serving the meal when the children came out of school. Then we spent time playing with the children. They loved the big colourful parachute! More tomorrow.
Lynne X😴