Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sunday 17 July - 2016 team arrive safely at Hands at Work Hub

Inside the Hands at Work Hub Dining Room
The 2016 Link for Life Team have arrived safely at the Hands at Work hub in White River.  After the arriving at OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg there was a 2 hour wait for them as they went through the immigration checks.  From the information we have it seems there was not a problem - just a long queue!

The journey to White River from Johannesburg went well and after receiving the keys to mini bus they will use, the team had just enough time to go the Pick 'n' Pay local supermarket to buy food for the evening.  After a 30 minute drive they were glad to arrive at the Hands at Work Hub.  

The care point in Zwelisha ( taken in July 2015)
They were able to have some food , settle in to their rooms and head for bed - to sleep before the their first visit on Monday 18th to the Community Based Organsiation at Zwelisha, where some remarkable people care on a daily basis for orphaned and vulnerable children.  This is what Hands at Work in Africa do... partner with those in greatest need and walk with them.
Richard Westwood ( On behalf of the 2016 Team)