Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Wednesday 19th July

Today we visited another of Hands partner communities. Upon arrival, we helped prepared the food for lunch and washed the dishes. The children were involved in their Marantha workshops.  A group of the younger children came out of their workshop and were given a page each from a colouring book to colour. We were advised to try and connect with these children, this was difficult because of the language barrier and they were engrossed with their outstanding colouring. It was only when the colouring stopped and the care workers started singing a hymn that had us all joining in a march around the property that the ice was broken and we were able to connect with the children and play.

We were quickly overwhelmed by the attention the children sought and the eagerness of them to interact with us. Even though it was difficult to talk to them it was the universal language of care and love that they understood. The most difficult group to reach today were the teenage girls.  The Hands at work volunteers explained that even they find it difficult to connect with them.  However, it was pleasing to see that our two teenage girls, Molly and Bobbie reached out and we saw a great connection between them and they talked for a very long time.  There were a number of older boys too, some of these were training to be junior care leaders.  Their English speaking skills were fabulous and made it so much easier for us to communicate.  They played football with Dom, Harry and Jack and led the prayers and hymns prior to lunch a strong make role model for the youngest children to observe.

Jack, Harry and Dom watered the many vegetables that the care workers had planted. They also served lunch, Dom attempted to stir the pap but was laughed at by the care workers because he wasn’t as strong as he thought he was! A number of us helped the care workers wash up after lunch before playing some more with the children. We then said our goodbyes before travelling to our accommodation in Witz.

Ryan, Alison, Dom, Jack & Harry

The community that we visited have been taking part in a Maranatha workshop all this week. On Monday and Tuesday, this was for the care givers. The workshop gives them a chance to talk through their life stories, as Hands at Work have found that this helps them to heal wounds. The care givers are often family members who look after the young and vulnerable who the care workers help to support.

Today and Thursday are the workshops for the youth and young children with each age group having different sessions.

Writing the blog under beautiful African starlight.