Thursday, 20 July 2017

Thursday 20th in Share

Today was our second day in Share, we felt that a lot of barriers had been lifted and the children were warming to us. Old friendships had been rekindled and new ones formed as the children engaged and played alongside us all. Today our meal has been by far the best with a concoction of potato, ground beef, butternut squash and pap which the team thoroughly enjoyed (although not all ate the pap). The meal was to come in useful as the hot afternoon sun baked down on our shoulders and our feet bouncing around the life centre.
 Love Harry and Ryan.

Today, we joined Share community for the second day of the Maranatha workshop for the children, young people and we arrived in time to help prepare their breakfast which was tea with jam and peanut butter sandwiches. After they had eaten we went into the building for morning worship where we introduced ourselves to the wider group and the children learned our names. (Thankfully, we weren’t asked to learn all of their names). The children were then asked to say what they learned from the previous day, which was based on sin and forgiveness.

Following this, we went outside as the children split into smaller groups to talk about relationships and their own stories. We sat outside in the shade to talk about yesterday and what we have experienced and thought so far.

As the children’s groups finished, we went up to dish out the meal, which Harry and Ryan have described. The afternoon playing with the children was such fun and you could feel that they just want to be loved as they clung to our hands and stared into our eyes.


As the main driver, it would be fair to say that the driving has, at times been a little challenging. The pot holes here cavernous but the off roading has been a lot of fun! We’ve been entertained along the way with singing  and funny stories but we’ve also had some quite times on the way home reflecting on the day, the stories we’ve heard as well as thinking about the children we’ve connected with.