Monday, 24 July 2017

Monday 24th - De-brief at Hands at Work

Today we started with community worship where we were introduced to more of the Hands at Work family. They welcomed us and we sang songs and prayed for our journey and other teams who are coming soon. There was another team who had just arrived from Biggleswade. We gave them some advice about the communities they were about to visit and they were very friendly.

Next, we had our last debrief with Charissa and Herman. We had a beach ball which had multiple questions on about the visit and when we caught the ball we had to answer one of the questions. My question was ‘what bible verse has had an impact on you?’ My response was in James 2 there is a verse that says you can’t have faith without deeds. This really spoke out to me because a lot of people claim to have faith but do nothing to support it. So, when I am home I want to do more for people and to be a better Christian.

Another question was, ‘What made you laugh?’ Ryan’s response was that a boy in Mluti remembered him and came running up to him immediately. Ryan was so happy that their friendship had blossomed but what made him laugh was that he remembered Ryan’s name. The boy called Ryan, ‘Jackie China’. This made Ryan’s experience in Mluti even  more memorable.

Love Molly

In my last debrief we talked to Charissa and Herman and it was by far the best debrief that we have had while being on this trip. We had to play a game where we threw a beach ball with questions written on it and threw it to each other around the room and then we had to answer one of the question. The question that I chose was, ‘Why did you come to Africa?’ This question was very hard to explain within the debrief but my answer was that I haven’t had the easiest life and I have had multiple occasions in my life that I have been told I can’t do something or that I would never be able to achieve something but after each of these occasions my mom has always told me that I can achieve it and do whatever I put my mind to. Even when I say I can’t do something she always tells me that I can do it and when the opportunity came up to come to Africa I told my mom that I couldn’t cope with going to Africa and I couldn’t deal with the different aspects of life within Africa and once again she told me that I can do anything that I put my mind to and this gave me the motivation and the courage to come on this trip and experience the amazing things that I have experienced and as I explained within the debrief, I wouldn’t have done half the things in my life that I have done and achieved without my mom telling me that I can do it.

Today we also visited Chimp Eden and it was amazing. To see the work that staff do with rescuing the chimps was amazing and getting to know all the information like how chimps share almost 98% of the same DNA as human beings was amazing and listening to some of the appalling situations that the chimps have been through and how they are getting better because of this sanctuary was amazing. The whole team talked about when you get told by family members and friends that this trip is a once in a life time opportunity, you take it on the chin and just agree with them but when you are actually out here and when you have experienced the things that we have experienced it really does start to sink in that this is a once in a life time opportunity and the whole team would like to thank everyone that has supported us on this trip and gave us all the motivation and courage to do this we really do appreciate.

Love Jack