Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Tuesday 25th - Last day with the Hands at Work team

I started the day with women’s prayer. We all gathered at the church, where there were women who are long term volunteers and part of new teams who had arrived. We started by identifying the praise points of the week. My praise point was that the team really connected with the children in community. Then we asked what we could pray for and I asked to pray for our team to stay connected with each other when we return home. Then we wrote down something we struggled with in everyday life and prayed that God will help us overcome this. I also prayed to be a more patient person. After this we played a game where the leader shouted out a bible verse and who ever found it first, won. These bible verses were related to trusting in God and they really helped me. The last thing we did was have a race as a gogo (grandmother). We had to balance a ‘baby’ on our backs, which was a hot water bottle, we balanced a large box on our head and then we had two large water bottles in each hand. We raced back and forth, trying not to drop everything. The purpose of this was to show that many gogos are on their own. They have to carry their grandchild, water and groceries all on their own. I massively appreciate what they do and they are amazing women.

Love Molly

Today was our last day at the Hands at Work Hub. We arrived early and our first task was maintenance. Herman wanted us to rake up all of the leaves because in the spring they provide a hiding place for snakes. This proved to be a long and tiring task! Some of us raked the leaves while others scooped them up into the net and dumped them. As a reward, Herman took us on a short drive in his truck. When we returned Herman explained that he would be going into town so we took a picture with him and said our goodbyes. This was tough but it felt more like a “see you soon” than an indefinite “goodbye.” We were then handed over to the communications team, Celine and Daytona. They had created a photo scavenger hunt and we had to run around the Hub taking the required photos. It was clear that we were all competitive and there were many scowls at the winning team (Jack, Bobbie and Alison) and Celine for torturing us! Once we had completed the scavenger hunt, it was time to say our goodbyes. This was the hardest part of the day in my opinion. The people that we had got to know felt like a family away from home. They will truly be missed. We made sure to get photos for reminders but it was clear to us all that we were in each other’s hearts and like I said before, it felt like we would be seeing them again very soon…

Love Dom