Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Tuesday 18th at Mluti

Today I went on a home visit with Brian and Alison and we visited a girl and her gogo (grandmother). When we arrived the grandaughter was washing the clothes and her gogo hanging the washing.  I went over to the girl and offered to help wash her clothes. She was so grateful and it was so nice to be able to help. Whilst I was doing this the rest of the team helped grind the corn. However Katherine, the care worker we walked with wasn’t happy with their work and kept taking over. When crushed, the maze becomes pap and it is much cheaper to grow and make the pap than buy it in a shop. We then swepped her house so she had one day rest from that job. She asked for us to pray for her granddaughter in school and also for security over her house. I will be praying for them and if you could pray for their challenges and pray they can overcome them.

Love Molly

Our home visit was to a small family of a mother and two children. We found that the son had a profound impact on us. He was 18 years old and it was obvious that he had big dreams. He is currently on school holiday but he couldn’t wait to get back to studying! He is currently studying Business, geography, English, Maths, Siswati And Tourism. Eventually he wants to travel the world. We all found it so inspiring to hear and from his athletic ability it was clear to see he was a very talented and intelligent individual. We sat with him and his family and it was so comforting to see that they appreciated us just being there. I’m sure that he will have a bright future if he receives the support and attention he deserves.

Love Dom

Our home visit today was to a family who lived up the valley, after a brisk 20 minute walk we arrived at the family’s house. Upon arrival we were greeted with open arms and chatted about the family and their situation. They told us of the family’s troubles; as they were from Mozambique they were unable to gain South African documents in order for them to apply for grants and support. In light of this they are selling African beer which give the family a small income. The mother explained that their house was too small to house the entire family (5 Children and 3 Grandchildren) so they live in the community with other friends of the family.

The youngest of the children lived with them but the mother explained that the child had learning difficulties which inhibited his ability to go to school, as he was made to leave at the age of 15 after completing just two grades of school. Although she reported he had been making improvements in his general ability to do things which left us on a high note.

Love Ryan

At the care point today we all helped by preparing the meal of rice, chicken and vegetables including grated beetroot and carrot, serving the food and washing up. The team all made Holy Home visits again as detailed above. When we got back to the Care Point we played with the children and talked to the carers. It’s amazing how strong the bonds are that you build up over two days. It was so sad to say good bye to both the carers and the children but the stories they have told us and the hugs we exchanged will stay with us forever.

Love from all of us:

Dom, Harry, Ryan, Molly, Jack, Bobbie, Jayne, Alison and Brian