Monday, 20 February 2017

Orientation and visiting Siyathuthuka

20/02/17    Day 2

Sophie & Maisy writing about the team's first full day in Africa
This morning began with a meeting with all of the people that stay here, at Hands at Work, where we were introduced to everyone. 

As it was Mr Leonard’s birthday a few days ago, he was called to the middle where we sang happy birthday in African and he was given many hugs. Afterwards, we sang a couple of songs that were thanking the Lord. We were then split into groups where we prayed together. The meeting ended with a group prayer. 

At 12:00 we left the Hands at Work hub to do our first community visit at Siyathuthuka where we were greeted by the careworkers. We had to introduce ourselves to them in SiSwati, which we found quite difficult to remember! To begin with, there were not very many children at the carepoint as they were all still at school so that gave us a chance to get to know the careworkers a little better. The children arrived back around 1:30-2:00pm where we all got quickly involved in some games! After a while of playing as a group, each of us girls made a friend who seemed to love our long hair which they enjoyed plaiting. Soon it was time for dinner. The children got given a maize and bean stew, which is known as Samp, the team helped to serve the meals until each child had one. Surprisingly the Samp was really tasty, but very hot, however the children ate it with their fingers without a problem. 
The Wolgarston Team meet to plan at Hands at Work
Saying goodbye was really hard, as we had all connected and bonded to many of the children. We were smothered with hugs, which we all loved. 

We then set off for the 40 minute drive back to the Hands at Work Hub. It was a really memorable day for all of us.