Monday, 20 February 2017

From Wolgarston to Africa

 19/02/17   Sam and Alex write about the team's departure from Wolgarston and their journey to Africa

Day 1:

We arrived at school at 12:30, the gang got together for a group photo outside the car park before we had to say goodbyes to our family (the best part). We then set off for a long journey to Heathrow airport where would soon depart for South Africa. We boarded the plane at 8:30 but prior to this we got split up in the airport and Libby wanted to go without the rest of us. When we got the plane, an hour after we got served our dinner which was either pasta or chicken, both of which were delicious. Most of us tried to get some sleep but we struggled as throughout the flight there was some turbulence which kept us awake. Luckily there was on board entertainment which made the dragging flight a little bit less tedious.

Day 2:

At around 6:00 in the morning, flight attendants came around the plane with a full english breakfast or a vegetarian option which was an omelette. As we came close the final hours of the flight we got our stuff together and prepared for landing. Soon after leaving the plane and going into Johannesburg airport we were hit by the humidity, we wolgaradventured on into the airport we were greeted by enthusiasm, the immigration officer made our day by making us laugh going through customs. Then we got to the shops; me and Sam realised that we hadn’t packed a football. So we then entered the African equivalent  of Sports Direct, the people that worked there were full of fun and welcomed us with a high fives and hugs. We got our football and as we went through the rest of the airport we were constantly being asked by the workers, “were we any good at football”. This was then followed by an embarrassing scene as I (Alex) tried something and completely failed. The next 4 hours of travelling were upon us and we tried to sleep as much as possible as we knew we had a big day ahead of us. 

Half way through our journey we stopped for lunch at a place called ‘Alzu’ where we saw a number of different animals such as: Ostrich, Emu, Zebra, Gazelles and Rhinos. We then finished the next 2 hours of travelling and arrived at Hands At Work, where we were greeted by a lovely couple called Craig and Brenda. We are looking forward to spending the next 10 days here and meeting the people that live here.

Sam and Alex