Saturday, 25 February 2017

A Visit to the Kruger National Park - Day 7 - Sat 25 Feb

Today was a rest day... but Maisy & Libby tell us that there was no chance of a lie in!

Maisy -
Today we were fortunate enough to go to Kruger National Park with our team.
We planned to leave at 5am, so that we could watch the sun rise, but that meant getting up very early! When we first got through the gates, we immediately saw a male elephant. Everyone was ecstatic and quickly took as many photos as possible, we then went on further to spot different species of birds. Coming across a wide lake, a group of hippos lounged together in the water; also we saw two Waterbucks, an African King Fisher and two Fulvous ducks. We were able to identify the animals as we had a guide of all the kinds that inhabited the park. 

A family outing
 Soon we saw a few giraffes, which Sam and Alex were happy to see, more birds, Impalas, Buffalo and a black Rhino. Then we reached a small queue of cars which were crowding a pack of wild dogs. Of course we were all really excited, as they were sunbathing right by the road. We all took as many photos as possible before going for lunch at Cattle Baron, which was at the stop at the park. After, we were ready to see more animals. 

Libby - 
The beautiful Lake Panic
Zebra crossing
Spot the Lion
Around half way through, we stopped at a bird hide, called ‘lake panic’ the scenery was beautiful and was the opposite of its name. We saw lots of birds and a surprise crocodile. After we had a short break, we saw baboons and monkeys in the trees, which was a good spot by the team. Afterwards, we saw a family of giraffes and a family of zebras following. We also saw a lion and a lioness, though they were quite far away so it was difficult to take a photo of them. 

We also saw an African King Fisher, Impalas, a wildebeest, a Rhinoceros, Hinged Terrapin Tortoise, Striped Skink Lizard, Chamca Baboon, a Kudu, Weever birds, a Hammerkopf. 

After a difficult week visiting the communities, it was nice to relax and have a nice day out. Some of our favourite animals that we saw were the giraffes, hippos and the crocodile.