Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Day 3 - Home based care in the village of Share

21/02/17   Daisy & Libby write about the Wolgarston team's time in Share

Today we went on our first home visits in the village of Share. We visited the homes of a few different vulnerable families alongside their careworkers who visit them on a regular basis to ensure they are doing okay.

Libby- I visited a teenage boy and his mily. His mum had died around ten years ago, so lived with his dad and his step-mum. The house that the three of them had lived in unfortunately burned down in a fire. The council thankfully rebuilt his house, however I am sure that he lost lots of his possessions. If that wasn’t enough, the boy’s dad decided that he no longer wanted to see the boy so left him to live with his step-mum. Unusually, his step-mum was kind enough to bring the boy up like he was her own. The boy’s dad keeps promising that he will come and see him, but he has not followed through with his promises in recent years. I am feeling hopeful for the boy and wish that he will be able to see his dad in coming years. 

Daisy- I visited a lady who had three children (however two of them were at school). She had previously been very ill and weak and is still recovering however, things are looking up for her this year as her crops have grown unlike last year due to a very serious drought. She tries very hard to do things to look after and support her children despite still not being in the best of health and wishes she could do more to support them. Her husband is from Mozambique but cannot find any work because he has no birth certificate or paper work required for employment. He does odd jobs around the village and manages to earn some money but is unable to secure a stable job. Hopefully, this year will bring good health for the family and they will continue to improve their quality of life.

We are hopeful that the people we visited will continue to improve their quality of life and we all have a much stronger understanding and admiration for what the careworkers do.