Friday, 24 February 2017

Day 6 - 24 Feb - Our return to Siyathuthuka and an end of week treat

24/02/17   Sam and Alex report on a Friday to remember
Today we visited Siyathathuka, again. We really enjoy visiting this village as we feel as though we have a special connection with the children as it was our first community visit. The children were very playful and, for how little they have, they were very cheerful.
The volunteer care workers
kept us on our toes and were setting work for us all the time.

Grass Cutting to prepare the football pitch
 It started off with us chopping the grass down on the football pitch so that we were able to play football with the kids. We then went into the community room and proceeded to do praise and worship and we found this very fun as we danced and sang along to the African music. After this we then did more gardening, unfortunately there was a casualty, Alex accidentally decapitated a frog as he didn’t see him in the grass. This was followed by a short funeral and we then proceeded to cut more grass. Soon after this the kids started to come from school as they finish earlier on Friday, we played and sang, this made the kids extremely happy. As the day proceeded we continued to form relationships with the kids. Being with these kids and making them smile proves that we make a difference. This is the most play time they probably get in a week. As we left and the children waved us off everyone knew we would miss those connections and how happy they were around us. We also left the ball we bought in the airport with the children so they could play on the freshly cut grass. As we set off we turned our heads and looked out of the window to see all the happy faces that were waving us goodbye. This made us extremely sad as another fun day had to come to an end. 

Our 'Chicken Dust' treat

On the way home the leaders treated us to something called 'chicken dust'
, this was delicious although whilst we were eating it we realised that we came from a village that ate very little and we were fortunate enough to have food when we wanted it. Overall today was a day filled with many emotions, but has been a great day