Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Some reflections as we prepare to head for home

As our time here draws to a close, we have plenty to reflect on and to think about as we travel back home.

Relaxing at Mercy Air

Of course, arriving home, while it will be lovely to reunite with our friends and family, it will be a shock to arrive in an alien world to what we have become used to (plus it will take a while to adjust to the freezing temperatures of good old England!) We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves here in South Africa, although our experiences have challenged us emotionally, but we understand that we must take these stories home with us and advocate for the people that we have met, whose stories would not otherwise be heard. The girls have grown closer, and are able to share both hardships and jokes. These memories and friendships will remain with us forever. This trip has not only educated us, as we became enriched with an unfamiliar culture, but has helped us to appreciate the things in life that we may take for granted. 

Working at the Plane Wash!
Yesterday, following Women’s Prayer we travelled to Mercy Air and were almost immediately thrown into work. We cleaned a plane, painted a house, and did some maintenance work on it. Once we had settled in, we explored the stunning grounds, having fun on the rope swing and later enjoying some ball games in the swimming pool. In the evening, we had some beautiful fajitas, prepared by the hardworking Gina and Libby. Once we had washed up, we headed to Paul and Cathy’s house for a presentation about their life and work at Mercy Air. Sadly, Cathy was busy delivering a baby and unable to attend. Following the talk, we were all shattered so headed straight to bed. 

Our farewell Braii ( BBQ)
Today, we visited a mobile clinic that is open every Wednesday morning, it is also a bar by night and a church on Sundays. The clinic wasn’t very busy. and we decided to sit with the nurses while they were with patients and listen to what they were saying. What shocked us was the lack of privacy and cleanliness in this place, compared to the surgeries and hospitals we have back home. This was very motivating as it encouraged us to make people aware of these problems, Later we played some ball games with the children before heading back home. We had our lunch before a debrief. Georgia, Amelia and Millie all played in the pool for while before heading back to pack our suitcases. Finally, to end the day nicely we had a Braai (barbecue) and headed to bed.  

Millie, Libby, Georgia and Amelia