Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Communications Challenge and a change of scenery - Wednesday 22nd February

Today, we met with the communications team to understand what they do and how it is important at Hands At Work. We did two challenges, the first was to interview 4 people; 2 South Africans and 2 people not from South Africa. It was a really fun challenge as it helped us get to know the people we interviewed in under a minute. The next challenge was a photo scavenger hunt. As well as testing our physical strength it helped us to get to know the people and the whereabouts of Hands.

After lunch, we set of for our accommodation for the next two nights  - a rural base for a Joahnesburg University- ( University of
One of the waterfalls we  visited near Mac Mac Falls
Witwatersrand -  which everyone calls 'Wits') , On the way we  stopped at Mac Mac Waterfalls. The views were spectacular! We then stopped at Harrie’s Pancakes, pretty sure they sold the best pancakes in the whole of South Africa. We carried on for Wits, when we got there we saw zebras, monkeys and impala. The rooms are very comfortable.

Just to let you all know, we are in the middle of nowhere at Wits so if people aren’t in contact with you it’s not because we are ignoring you but because we have no signal.