Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Home visits in Mafambisa - Tuesday 20th February

This morning, it was women’s prayer in the chapel, Millie attended with Liz, Gina, Rachel and Val. During morning prayer, we discussed what we trust God for this year and were given pen and paper to write our own personal thoughts. Also, some people requested we pray about their friends or family, perhaps due to illness or another issue they were facing.

Getting ready for a wet day in Mafambisa
Once we were ready, we set off back to Mafambisa and reminded ourselves of some of the Siswati phrases we would need for the day. We took off for another home visit, however it started to pour it down and we got well and truly drenched. 

When we arrived, we first visited the Pastor’s house to get the food and a brush for the floor. Once back from the house, we began to help prepare the vegetables. Georgia had trouble chopping the onion, however Gina swooped in with her efficient onion chopping technique. 

We then went for home visits, we split off into three groups: Mr. Leonard, Val, Amelia and Millie, Joe, Gina and Libby, and Rachel, Liz and Georgia. 

Amelia, Val, Millie and Mr. Leonard visited Saffron* and her son at her home, sadly her home lacked security… Windows were broken, doors didn’t lock and there were leaks in the roof. As a parent, looking after her son and ensuring his safety was a priority for her, however she was unable to do anything more for her family. Fortunately, the carepoint were planning on providing Saffron with the things she required to make her home as safe as possible.

Meanwhile, Joe, Gina and Libby went to visit Promise* to see how she was feeling. Her youngest of four children was there and another one of the careworker’s children’s also. She told us about her troubles, her husband was from Swaziland so therefore didn’t have any of the certified papers that he needed to get a job. This meant only three of the four children were registered and had papers, it made it hard for the Mum to cope and provide the children with enough food to live on. Luckily, two of the children are registered at the Mafambisa care point, this has helped an awful lot.

Liz Rachel and Georgia visited a lovely lady Alice she was one of the care-workers daughters, she and her mom lived in one room with just a massive pile of school books and a mattress. Alice had something wrong with her tooth - she is hoping to get it sorted out tomorrow - she is 16 years old and she told us that she wants to become a doctor to help people in need, she also told us that her favourite lesson in school is technology she was quite shy but she was really happy we were there. 

Libby, Millie, Amelia & Georgia

*Names have been changed. The views expressed in this blog post are those of the contributors and not Link for Life project or Hands at Work in Africa.