Thursday, 8 June 2017

Share - Thursday, 8th June

Share       Thursday, 8th June

Today was very demanding. We started out in the minibus to Share at 9am and
arrived  just before midday.  The temperature was above 30 degrees.
When we had been greeted with enthusiasm by the care volunteers and we had helped prepare vegetables we all shared a most free and exuberant time of worship together. 
If you would like a taste of it, you can click here listen to the singing of one of the songs we sang.

After worship we divided up into teams; one team remaining at the Care Point and
the others, in teams of two together with a Hands at Work representative to translate and two care volunteers, made Holy home visits.

Sheila and Val went with Floyd from Care (who was originally helped by Hands at
Work and is now training to carry on the work among the communities) and care volunteers, Promotion and Violet.  We visited a young woman called Constance* (not her real name)   Constance has three sons, 17, 8 and 6. Her eldest son was working hard in the garden
Yvonne helps serve food at the care point in Share
while the other two boys were at the Care Point.   We were able to talk to the mother quite easily as her English was very good.  Floyd explained to us after the visit that she had a husband in Mozambique but he was unable to come over because he did not have the necessary papers. At present they are not receiving any financial support from him.  Floyd also told us that she was very ill and that was why Hands at Work were supporting her and her family. All three sons were given a hot meal each day at the Care Point.

Rosanne makes a new friend
At 2.30 pm we joined the care volunteers and the children for a time of worship.  Lebo, one of the team gave a word of encouragement especially for the children from
2 Timothy 3: 10 - 15 exhorting them to hold firm to what they had been taught about the Lord Jesus.  They were then served with their meal which we shared with them and then it was time to leave for our long journey back to Hands at Work

After four days of visits to different communities we are very tired but we are grateful that we have been to see the wonderful work that the care volunteers do, and the vital role that Hands at Work fulfil in supporting them.

Val Cox
Sheila Bott