Friday, 9 June 2017

Friday 9th June

Friday 9th June

Today began cool and cloudy - a good preparation for our time in Oshoek over the weekend which is apparently going to be freezing!!

Friday morning is a time when the entire Hands at Work family gather together for their 'Going Deeper' session, a time for Bible study, sharing and for deepening their discipleship. This morning we as a team had the opportunity to feed back some of our experiences, with Yvonne, Val and Letlhogonolo giving a word of encouragement to the Hands at Work volunteers. Richard then shared a word on John 6:8-13    encouraging us to consider deeply the Kingdom of God and our part in building this. As the meeting ended our team and the Hands volunteers who are leading the Youth Camp in Oshoek over the weekend received prayer and commissioning.

The remainder of the day was a very welcome rest time - most of us chose to spend this searching for animals in the nearby Kruger National Park! We had a very successful search despite only entering the park at 12 noon. During the following three hours we saw warthogs, monkeys, hippos, giraffe, many species of deer and antelope, and a whole elephant family who stood only a few metres from the minibus, the babies gallivanting together!

Returning to the Hub we dropped in at the local supermarket to pick up supplies for our coming adventure in Oshoek and Swaziland and we are now heading to bed (very early!) as we are leaving at 6am tomorrow to make the long journey down to the Swazi border!

We are not sure when we will next be able to update the blog, but we will be glad of your prayers for the youth weekend in Oshoek and the visit to Bhandeni in Swaziland. 

Rosanne Wilshire