Monday, 5 June 2017

Monday 5th June - Visit to Care Point in Mluti

Monday 5th June

Visit to Care Point in Mluti

As we woke on our first full day here in South Africa we were amazed by the sounds and sights of Africa. We were met by a beautiful sunrise and a sunny warm day.

The day began with a meeting together of the whole Hands at Work family for their regular Monday morning prayer meeting. Between 40 and 50 staff and volunteers from the age of 4 weeks to over 70 filled the room to share news, amazing worship and prayer. Shiela made the mistake of admitting a significant birthday last week which resulted in a 'Hands style' Birthday greeting, which involved much singing and hugging by everyone present!

The main plan for the day was to visit a community care point in Mluti, around 45 minutes away from the Hub. Guiding us on this visit was Dan Waspe, a long-serving volunteer with Hands along with Patricia and Nyiko local volunteers. Prior to travelling to the visit, we met together to learn about the community we would be visiting. We learned that Mluti has some severe challenges such as a lack of piped water supply and significant social problems.

Joyce, Busi and Catherine
Dinner time
On arrival at the centre we met two amazing women, Catherine and Joyce, who are care workers single-handedly caring for 35 children between the ages of 2 and 20 years. We learned that Catherine rises early every morning to set the fire and prepare a hot meal for the children. After they've eaten she, along with Joyce, then walks long distances to visit the children in their own homes. We were overwhelmed by the care worker's love, servant heart and seemingly endless energy for the children.

During our time at the centre we spent time worshipping with the care workers, helping serve the meal and playing crazy games with the children. We witnessed how faith is made very real and relevant to the children, the children themselves sharing and discussing scripture, sharing worship and prayer together before eating.

Fun with bubbles!
This visit opened our eyes not only to the vulnerability and challenges these children face, but also to the love, friendship, and deep relationships shared between the children and the care workers. This really is an amazing place.

Debbie and Ros