Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Days 9 & 10 -Mercy Air and a visit to a mobile clinic

Wolgarston goes bananas at the mobile clinic
Day 9 Tuesday 28 February
After leaving Hands at Work the team moved to a new base at Mercy Air - a Christian aviation charity, flying goods and people to remote parts of southern Africa.  They heard a talk from Paul and Cathy Middleton, who live and work at Mercy Air, telling their story of how they came to be in South Africa after spending much of their earlier life in Walsall.  Paul is a pilot, flying light aircraft and Cathy is a Midwife and nurse trainer. 

Day 10 Wednesday  March
The team travelled with Cathy Middleton to a banana farm when Cathy joins with trianee nurses from the Africa School of Missions to provide a mobile clinic to the families who live and work on the farm.  The team helped with the creche and played with the children, joining in with some painting activities and giving the children some yoghurts which was a real treat for them.
The living conditions at the farm are not great and the mobile clinic (which is free to access)  gives welcome help and support to the families and children who spend much of their lives living and working there.
After returning from the mobile clinic it was time to pack and get ready for the long journey home which begins on Thursday 2nd March.  There have plans for a Braii ( South African BBQ) and a debrief time before heading for sleep.