Thursday, 2 March 2017

Day 10 - Wed 1 March - Bananas, clinics and thoughts about our visit to Africa

Blog 01/03/17

Maisy & Alex write about the team's final full day in Africa

The Wolgarston team at their second base - Mercy Air

This morning we went to a banana plant farm. Whilst we were there, we took care of the few children that were at the mobile clinic. This was because their parents work out on the banana fields everyday and also as they are so young that they need supervision. Although some of the kids at the place we went to didn’t look happy to be playing with us at the start, by the end they were laughing and playing with us. At the banana farm, the workers will get payed R100 (£6.25) for working for 9 hours, however some will work for 10. They get a half an hour break and lunch and most of them even live on the farm, but the living conditions aren’t the best. There weren’t many children at the clinic and they were very overwhelmed to see us. With some friendly gestures and big smiles, we were able to make them laugh and play.

Joe doing the braii by torchlight
At the end of the day were able to enjoy a BBQ ( Called a Braii in South Africa) and talk about our visit and what it has meant to us and the people we have met. 

 As we raised £1,800 to be able to come to South Africa, we learnt that £150 of that will provide three essential services (food, education and healthcare) to one child for 10 months in the community called Siyathuthuka, this is amazingly just £15 pounds a month. This was exciting news for all of us as we thought of a certain child that we had bonded with and knew that we had made an impact to their lives. We will now know that when we leave we will have hopefully changed a child’s life and this will give us the encouragement to continue to help others that are less fortunate than we are. 

The team on their way to Johannesburg for their flight home...One of the best views from a service station anywhere

This visit has been a real eye opener to all of us and has changed the way we see the world. We will leave knowing the stories we have been told and hold them dear to our heart. The whole team is looking forward to going home but we will miss South Africa greatly. It has been an incredible experience and we are very privileged for the opportunity and to have shown what difference we can make to the less fortunate. 

To make donations to the work of Hands at Work in Africa in Siyathuthuka where our Link for Life team has visited, please  go to:
This will go towards feeding a child and improving their life for good. Thank you.