Sunday, 5 November 2017

A Season Of Listening and a Week of Prayer

A Season of Listening:  A Week of Prayer

After a remarkable 8 years, Link for Life Project stands at someting of a crossroads.  There are a number of different ways in which Link for Life could work in the coming years.   In a 'Seaons of Listening' over the coming two months the Trustees of Link for Life Project, invite you to join them in thinking, listening to one another and to God about the future of the Project.

This week (6th - 12th November)  we are especially praying for guidance from God about the way Link for Life should be developed. Please join with us as we listen for God's guidance and inspiration about what the next steps should be for Link for Life.

Below are some prayers which you may like to use each day in the week ahead.

Thank you for your part in what Link for Life is seeking to to do. 

Sunday 5th November

We begin our Week of Prayer by reminding ourselves of the people we serve and partner with in Africa.
God our Father, we remember people in Africa who have welcomed visitors from Link for Life.  We thank you for their courage, faith and ability to stay positive when things are so hard.  Help them today to know that they are not forgotten and that you are close to them. Amen.

Monday 6th November
We pray for our partner charities in Africa
We thank you Lord for the work of Hands at Work in Africa, Mercy Air and St Mary’s Hospital in Durban.  Help them to carry on their work.  Please provide them with what they need to do the work you have called 
them to do. Amen

Tuesday 7th November
We pray for all the people who have visited Africa with Link for Life Project
Lord Jesus, thank you for every person who has visited our partner communities in Africa. Thank you for the lives that have been changed. Please help them remember what they have learned.  Help them to remember the people they met and to live gratefully,  generously and responsibly.  Please help them to stay connected with Link for Life. Amen

Wednesday 8th November
Please pray for the Link for Life Steering Group which meets today and for the Trustees and the Communications Team

Lord God please guide the leader of Link for Life.  Help them to make wise, bold and faith- filled decisions about the future of Link for Life.  Amen

Thursday 9th November
We pray for the resources of people, time and money which Link for Life needs to grow
Lord, you give us all the things we need.  We ask you to provide Link for Life with the people, skills, time and funds which are needed for the job that you want Link for Life to do.  Amen

Friday 10th November
We pray for schools, churches and communities who partner with Link for Life 
Thank you Lord for the way you have brought together schools, churches and local communities to join in partnership with people in Africa.  Please build upon the work which has been started and help new partnerships to grow in our area. Amen

Saturday 11th November
We pray for young leaders who are being trained and developed by Link for Life

Living God, thank you for the many young people who have been challenged by the work of Link for Life.  Please help the young people who have stayed involved with Link for Life to grow and develop their skills and compassion, so that they can grow as leaders.   Help them grow in their knowledge and relationship with Jesus. Amen.

Sunday 12th November
We pray for the future we cannot see, and for God’s will to be done
Lord God thank you for the way you have started, guided and grown Link for Life over the last eight years.  May your dreams and longings for Link for Life become a reality.  Inspire us to follow your lead and help us listen well to the prompts and whispers of your Holy Spirit.  May your will be done and may the name of Jesus be honoured.  Amen