Sunday, 26 May 2013

Quick update from Ryan Ball

Hi everyone it's Ryan here from the schools team, just a quick update on how fundraising is going so far. I have managed to raise the funds for the trip! Its been hard but I did it :)

 Just last month I was worried that I would be unable to raise the money and here I am now helping the others complete their fundraising having completing my own, I am so excited to go out to South Africa in just 48 days :D!

 Will keep you posted! Ryan Ball :) - Schools Team 2013

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Hey everybody :) I'm Niamh (ginger girl on the left) and this year I'm travelling to SA with the school team! We are well over half way with the fundraising now, and with not long left until the deadline!
This is very exciting and we are all extremely lucky and thankful that we have the opportunity to go and do this work. I guess for most of us, this is just the start; many will definitely end up going again in the future :)
 - Niamh
Hi Guys! For anyone who didn't see it, our Big Link a couple of weeks ago was in the Express and Star! Well done everyone involved, it was a really fun day and a great memory :-)
Hi everyone it's Ryan here from the schools team, just a quick update on how things are going from my end, so far i'm just over half way through my fundraising efforts with just over two months to go, but I remain hopeful that the funds will come in time, but anyway I'm very excited to be part of this amazing project and to be able to experience all the wonderful things that await for me in south africa while we work alongside the care workers that dedicate their lives to help others.
Yours sincerely
Ryan Ball