Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tesco Bag Pack - 23rd June 2012

Hey everyone, Hannah here from the 2010 team and now from the 2012 team too.

Just thought I would share some photos from our bag pack on Saturday and mainly to say and big well done and thank you to everyone who took part, donated, came to cheer us on or even dressed as a panda! (all will be explained)

It was a long day working from 9-4 with everyone always being on their feet but everyone kept going offering to help, and sharing the word about Link4Life.

In Lexy and Ryans case they had a bit more of a harder job, being stuck in a panda suit (don't worry, many embarrassing pictures to come for the moms and dads to use!) so while standing on their feet waving to kids and getting even more donations, they also were sweating like pigs!

We raised £724.36 on Saturday which is incredible and will help everyone! Thank you to Tesco Heath Hayes as well for letting us go to your store and raise the money!

Seriously though, well done to everyone who came, I am really proud of you all and cannot wait for Africa now! Going to be amazing!

2 weeks 2 days to go!

Will blog again soon, Hannah x