Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hello Everyone!

Haven't blogged in a while so...

I think we all miss the people who we were so privileged to meet in South Africa, but we know that they are getting the support from their family members and the care workers within the communities that they need.
Now we are back it all seems very different... maybe even surreal. I think I can say on behalf of everyone else nobody takes anything for granted anymore. We are all so grateful for everyone who supported us in what little or big way they could because without your help the trip wouldn't have been made possible for a lot of us.

Next year's team is now being prepared, It's exciting to watch and If you think you won't be able to fundraise the money in time then you can always come and talk to us (the people who have already been) because there are a lot of ways to fundraise money :) and it is definitely worth fundraising the money :-) but it is not a holiday, more of a way to help people.

At the moment we are in preparation to make Christmas Cards and Calendars for 2012 to fundraise money for the three charities (Hands@Work, BabyBear, and Mercy Air) if you would be interested in either thing please let us know! There will also be a Pap"N"Chicken night on the 19th of November!

Lots Of Love
Leah Davidson

Oh! If anyone needs anymore information from next year’s team, just let me know or you can add me on Facebook and let me know :)