Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Zwelisha, South Africa- Love in a hard place -Tuesday 14 July

Helping with food

Seriouis washing up!

 Hi everyone it's Georgina! Had the most amazing time with the most amazing children today in a village called Zwelisha. I can't believe how inspiring and selfless the care workers are and am so proud to be here to support them all. Today we did a home care visit and I met a 15 year old girl who was so clever and funny, it's hard to believe she is the same age as me because of how different our worlds are. 
 We were able to pray for her and her life, which I don't normally do but it felt nice because of how much she appreciated it.
I also met a lot of young children who seemed to think we were all ginormous climbing frames which made them so happy and was so funny to be apart of

Can't wait to visit the next village and continue having such an amazing time with all of the team.

The care point at Zwelisha

Hey guys it's Ellie here! We're all having an amazing time and have met some incredily inspiring people. We went on our first home visits today, and were able to see the conditions in which the children live and who they live with. Today a samll team and I visted a 15 year old girl. She lives with her aunt and uncle, and is currently participating in many of the Hands at work camps and care  centres. It was amazing to hear how much the centres mean to her and how much impact the work we're doing is having on her self confidence and social skills. 
After the home visits we played and socialised with the children at the care centre, watching them being able to act as children and play with other individuals their age was emotional. Being part of a team that enables these children to forget about whatever worries they have to return to at home, means so much and really gives purpose to what we are doing- and seeing results has provided a visual motivation boost within the whole team. 
Finally, I'd just like to say how appreciative I am for such an amazing, supportive team that encourage each other to surpass their expectations of themselves. We may have only known each other for a few months but these guys really do feel like family! 
Thanks to all you guys for your support by reading this and your constant donations and words of supports! .......... HI MUM AND DAD!!! 
Ellie  x