Thursday, 16 July 2015

Thursday 16 July - Home based care visits in Share

After leaving our accommodation base at Wits Rural Facility we headed for the village of Share and were met by the care volunteers.  We exchanged greetings - doing our best to use the Tsonga phrases we had learned and joined them for prayer and singin before going on Home based care visits.
Each pair of students went with an adult leader and one or two of the care volunteers - to visit the homes of the children whom they care for.

Often there were tough stories to hear about the situations of the children whcih has left them orphaned or vulnerable - even though at each home we were warmly greeted and treated as honoured guests.

It was clear that all of the homes really appreciated all the work which the care volunteers do ... not just feeding the childrenm but offering a place of safety and a loving relationship which the children need... as well as checking that their home is as secure as possible and also helping them with school matters.

Each of our visits gave a differnt life story, but with similar pain and need.  It was wonderful to see the difference that these remarkable ladies are able to make in the children's lives.

Having seen the home settings of some of the children we were then able to return to the care centre to help with food preparation and play with he children - more singing dancing and laughter - and a prayer of thanks and Bible reading before the food was shared out amongst us all - the youngest children first and the link for life team and care workers last.

We left to return to our base- where we had time to reflect on what we had seen and shared in and then enjoy and eveing meal and a relaxing time of our own songs and games around a camp fire.

Much to talk about and be thankful for - we giving what we can, but it feels like we are receiving more than we are giving.

We look forward to our day tomorrow which is scheduled to be a children's treat day and we hope it will be just that.  Thanks for reading...
Written by Richard on behalf of happy and tired team  :-)

Preparing food for the children in Share
Walking with Doris and Evelyn - Care Volunteers in Share
Washing up is the same in any culture

Serving Pap and Cabbage
(Which tasted pretty good!)