Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Thomas in the schools team 2015

Hello, my name's Thomas Dickinson and in a few days from writing this I will be going to South Africa as part of the schools team. I am extremely excited for the visit, no matter how much people convey their experiences onto you about this amazing opportunity it is something where you can't actually imagine what it will be like but only give an idea. I think it is for this reason I'm unsure if I have worries or not, but the knowledge of what we'll be doing would outweigh any clear worries. I have had a lot of support from everyone and every time we all meet up we become closer; I also feel fully comfortable with the people I'm going with. Also, it's been amazing seeing how people hearing for the first time of LinkForLife react in such a positive way and how many people locally are involved one way or another. It will be truly astounding, THANK YOU to all!