Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Maintenance and Many Miles with Mercy Air -Tuesday 21st July

Hi everyone it’s Georgina,
 The team have spent the last 2 days helping the maintenance team back at hands @ work. Yesterday me, Richard, Ellie, Lauren and Dan the fajita man made fajita wraps and plenty of cakes to treat the team for all of their hard work maintaining and looking after the hub. Whilst we were cooking the rest of the team were outside working, raking the leaves, helping to put benches into the ground, and chopping wood.

Today all of the team apart from 4 (went to visit Durban) continued to help the maintenance team by making a path from rocks and lifting concrete slabs onto a van then off loading them at the top of the hill which almost kind of killed me but it’s ok I’m just about alive mom.
Just want to say how great I think the maintenance team are because of all the hard work they do everyday, keep up the good work J

Hi, it’s Molly
This morning we woke up at 6am to take a short flight with Paul Middleton at Mercy Air. We went around seeing a lake which was so big and we were just in time to watch the sun rise which was beautiful to see. The mountains looked incredible and I can’t believe I had the opportunity to see the amazing views of White River. We went at a speed of 210 miles/hour and I got to see how Mercy air operates and that they are doing good because they use the planes to fly to remote areas to help the most vulnerable people and I just wanted to say I think what Mercy air do it truly inspiring.

Hi its Shannon
Yesterday I went with the maintenance the team and some of the link for life team to help cut down trees with thorns the size of my head with a machete the size of me which I’m surprised they trusted me with but hey ho I helped and after we had chopped down trees and been scratched by the thorns we started to dig the holes for the bench we had me and Stacy on one side and Taran and Andy and as you can guess mine was so much better quality 

The rest of the team from many miles of travel with Mercy Air - to St Mary's Hospital in Mariannhill, Durban - which is two hours flying away  (and would have been 8 hours drive each way).  We'll let them tell thier own story in another blog post, of what has been a remarkable and inspiring day for those who were able to visit.

We have one more full day left in South Africa - and we want to make the most of it.  In the morning we will be going to a mobile clinic which Cathy Middleton helps to run at a banana farm for those who live and work there.  We will have a lot to think about by the time we come to go home.