Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hello from our teachers - Wednesday 15 July - a greeting at Share

Hi everyone,
As we are now almost midway through our visits to the communities, we thought that, as the teachers, we would send you an update on how fantastically well we think the team is doing. We are so impressed by the enthusiasm and energy of every single student in the team.
Today we left the Hands Hub and headed to Share village where we received a warm and friendly welcome from the care workers who immediately made us feel like a part of the family. We danced and sang together, introduced ourselves and then heard a reading from the Bible in Shangan. Due to the time, or lack of it, we weren’t able to stay very long but are looking forward to going back, making home visits and sharing lunch with them tomorrow.
Highlights from the day include: Dan’s creative use of a tyre (lying in and rolling around), Taran and Ellen’s dancing (the head weave), and the whole team chipping in to play a game ( a makeshift game of bowls - tossing stones into a circle)- with one of the boys, (we’ll call him Thulane ) who is often on the edge of things due to a disability.
Overall, we are proud of and impressed by the team’s willingness to get stuck in as soon as they arrive at any location and the resilience that they have shown so far.
This may be the last time you hear from us because the pupils are desperate to share their stories with you, however, we just wanted to emphasise how thrilled we are to have such an amazing team here to share the experience with.
Dawn and Stacy