Friday, 17 July 2015

Friday 17 July - A day at Share (Nhluvuko Home Based Care)

Our day was spent at the care centre in Share where the team of volunteers feed the they care for. It's also a place of safety and where fun& games can be enjoyed.
We were able to pass on to the care volunteers the letters which we had written to them to encourage them & thank then for the work they do.

We helped with the meal for the children and as usual there were songs, dancing and prayer... We even got to sing an English song to our hosts and teach it them ('Our God is a great big God')

We helped to serve the food and wash up and then the care volunteers gave out the t shirts which we had brought from home (these were provided by pupils at Cheslyn Hay Primary School...a big thank you to them for this)

We were able to help the children decorate their new t shirts which everyone enjoyed. To our surprise many of the children wanted to write ' Link for Life' on their shirts... Which we didn't ask them to... So it was very humbling to see that they wanted to be a part of this partnership as much as we do.
We said our goodbyes as the paint on the t shirts was still drying and headed back to our accommodation, knowing that we had been a part is a very special day for us all. What a privilege! Thank you God!
We head off to the Kruger National Park tomorrow (up at 5am!) & we are looking forward to this as a rest day after a week of community visits.

Sorry there are no photos on this post... Internet problems mean that we are doing this on a phone.