Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Ellie Stokes South Africa visit 2015

Hi everyone! I'm Ellie Stokes- a 18 year old A-level student- and I'll be part of the 2015 team leaving on Saturday. I'm excited for the visit, but at the same time I'm extremely nervous about what I'm going to encounter. I'd also like to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated to the charity, and has helped me to raise the funds needed to make the trip possible. I'm also incredibly grateful for such an amazing team, and know that we will all support each other through tough days out in Africa. Thank you also to Rose and Richard who have gone through amazing lengths to make this trip possible, and to ensure we're fully prepared for what's ahead.

We hope to keep you all updated on any progress, and to inform you of how your support and donations are making a difference. THANK YOU!