Sunday, 22 February 2015

Worship and wonder and relaxation - Sunday 22 Feb 2015 -Day 8

Rose, Ipotseng, Thato and Brian went to St Peter's, the Anglican Church in White River Church this morning  and then returned to the Hands village to pick up the rest of the team and head to Blyde River canyon.

We stopped at Graskop for pancakes and drove up to The Three Rondavels  ( a stunning view of the Blyde River Canyon) where we are pictured in the photos.

Stunning view of Blyde River Canyon
We then headed down to Bourke's Luck Potholes and then Berlin falls before driving back to the village where we met some of the new intake of Hands at Work volunteers volunteers for 2015 and we enjoyed getting to know them a little and sharing a laugh.
We got back from our trip round Blyde River Canyon at 7::30pm
We had a great time and look forward to our day spent helping around the Hands at Work Hub tomorrow.