Monday, 23 February 2015

Supporting the Hands at Work 'family' at the hub in White River, South Africa

Today started with the men’s prayer group at 7am this morning which Thato, Jamie and Brian attended, this was followed at 8am by the Monday morning prayer meeting for the whole hands family. We were given the opportunity to give some feedback and reflection on our visit. Brian, Laura, Thato and Rose spoke about their personal experiences and this was followed by a moving time of prayer for the whole team.

Following this our team host Alicia led us in a final hands de-brief session where she expressed the gratitude of the Hands team and then we ended with a hymn led by Thato.

Most of the team joined Devon, Kyver, Nevermind & Betuel to help dig a trench from the workshop towards the chapel using Pickaxe, Shovel, Spades and machete for a power cable to supply the chapel. Unfortunately one of the Hands team (it wasn’t us, honest!) pierced another water pipe with a pickaxe.
Brian spent the remaining time bailing out the trench while work continued to gain access to the pipe.
Jamie's Salon

Meantime Jamie opened a mobile hair salon and treated the volunteers, male female and children to a haircut and this service was very popular.
Over lunch, Alicia helped us to think of the stories we will tell when we went home.
After the meal, we had a de-brief which focused on what changes we would make following our experiences. 

The day ended with outdoor games on the field where we played Frisbee and Bocce (an Italian form of Boules). It was good to have fun with the Hands family, and to hear their stories.
Tomorrow we will pack our bags and go to Mercy Air for the next stage of our visit.