Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Moving to Mercy Air - Tuesday 24th Feb 2015 Day 10

Rose Westwood writes...
After ladies' prayer in the chapel at the Hands at Work hub, we said our goodbyes to the Hands at Work volunteers and thanked them for the support they have given us this week.
We stopped at the local supermarket, PicknPay so that Natalie and Becky could buy the ingredients for a vegetable chilli which they had offered to cook us in the evening. 

Mercy Air is a mission aviation charity based in White River about 20 minutes drive from  Hands at Work.  As well as the hangars, grass air strip and heli-pad they have accommodation and hospitality facilities which they use to allow missionaries from Mozambique to come to have well earned rest.  The facilities are great and the welcome warm, and we were glad of both both of these as we arrived.

 After lunch at Mercy Air we visited Lowveld Botanical Gardens where we saw unfamiliar butterflies, trees and flowers. The one in the picture has fallen from the Powder Puff tree.

Afterwards some of us relaxed by the pool at Mercy Air while Brian and Jamie went to White River to replace the spare tyre from a previous puncture.

We had a lovely meal with Paul and Cathy Middleton  (Paul is a Pilot with Mercy Air and cathey is a midwife and nurse trainer and both of them lived in Walsall before coming to Africa) and learned about Cathy's work at Africa School of Missions.
We are going to the Mobile Clinic tomorrow where Cathy trains the student nurses.