Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Home visits - with a 'holy' aim... Day 4 Wed 18 Feb 2015

Brian Tabernor writes...

This photos shows most of the team preparing the Cabbage, Carrots, Beans and Onions for the children’s lunch at the life centre at Share.

After worship at the local 'life centre' (or care point), we spent the remainder of the morning and early afternoon doing 'Holy' Home Visits* with the local volunteer care workers in Share and some of team from Hands at Work who are based at the Hands Service Centre in Hazyview.
Following the visits we played with the children as they came out of school until it was time for them to have their meal. We then said our goodbyes with the promise to “Sita Banana Mzuku” or see you tomorrow. 

We look forward to a special day tomorrow where the care givers are welcomed to the life centre (The care givers are usually grandmothers … who are know as  ‘Gogos’ or may in some cases be an older sibling or a parent).
*[Hands at Work in Africa call these visits to the homes of the children who are orphaned ' 'Holy Home Visits' ... This might seem puzzling name, but the idea is that those who are visited (usually an older relative - perhaps a grandmother  or in some cases the oldest sibling) are deliberately given time to be listened to fully and cared for - so that they can share their real needs and hurts.  The visit will often close with a time of prayer - asking for God's help through the Holy Spirit - for the children being cared for and the, often very stretched, care giver. Listening well like this also allows the volunteers doing the visit to understand the needs of the children and carers and perhaps adapt the kind of help being offered.  Hence a 'holy' time and outcome is the intention and longing of all these visits.]