Friday, 20 February 2015

Care givers appreciation day 19 Feb 2015 Day 5 -

Today we were able to take part in a special day for care givers – the women, often grandmothers (Gogos) who look after the orphaned and vulnerable children in their homes; These special days to honour and support the care givers are organised every month by the care volunteers at the life centre in Share.  Showing appreciation and care for these care givers in this way is another part of ensuring that the children who come the life centre (care point) have a network of care around them.
We helped the care volunteers at the life centre to prepare food for the care givers (Vegetables, pap, soup and chicken)and while that was cooking we sang, prayed and danced with the care givers. When the food was plated it was a privilege to take it to them. Many of these care givers were known to us from home visits we made this week or in previous years and so it was good to deepen our relationship with them. It was great fun trying to learn the Shangaan names for pap, meat and water. It was a very hot day so we were able to learn how to say “Oh it’s hot” Ka Hisa. 

A typical journey through Share
to one of the homes.
 After they had eaten we accompanied them to their home, stayed with them for a while and learned their stories. Many of these care givers are grandmothers looking after their grandchildren because their own children have died.
A typical journey through Share to one of the homes.
We all finished the day back at the care point where we played clapping and dancing games with the children. Some of the children we have got to know over the past three days are now coming up to us because they recognise us.
Back at Wits after a lovely meal we met as usual to talk about the day; this time we talked about the social situation in the communities we have visited in order to understand the lives our children are living.  
Tomorrow we are looking forward to giving the care workers the chance to have their nails painted or create bracelets, however we will be sad to have to say goodbye.