Saturday, 26 July 2014

‘Fruit salad’ (our combined team name: a blend of different flavours)

About today... today was different from the other days. Gareth and myself (Kagiso) had wonderful morning of sharing. Our minds and hearts were deeply in finding how God is trying to communicate his word to us. We found out that we are not different from each other because we experience the hurt and injustice in different ways however they still call to us in the same way.

We talked more about Jesus that we know and guess what, it is the same Jesus who wants us to go out in the wilderness and do what he send us to do, that is to care for the poor and the marginalized. Most of us can be comfortable with our lives and not be grateful for what God has blessed us with. We all need a mind changing attitude, it is very important for us to know what we put in our mind.

We explore on our experience at Share, what came to our mind was, how can live in such a condition. Hope is the word that kept dominating our minds to say, whatever we find ourselves in, God will always be at the centre of our problems and make way for us. At the end we prayed together and ask God to continue to bless the Fruit Salad  that was our team and help us to be true to his word be a blessing to many both in South Africa and in the UK.

Kagiso Teme


While most of the team went to Kruger, Kagiso, Elisa, Father Edward and I (Rose) went to the Botanical Gardens. We have had a wonderful rest day; we were in awe at God’s creation, the trees and flowers, rivers and waterfalls.

We talked about how quickly our team has become one. Most of us met for the first time on Tuesday night but four days later we are able to cry, laugh and feel righteous anger together.

We are already thinking about what this experience might mean for us in our home communities…we have all been so challenged.

We turned a few heads in the supermarket; the fruit salad team is proving challenging! Kagiso and Gareth deciding which bread to buy; Father Edward and I ordering roast chickens and Gareth and Father Edward laughing about cucumbers. I asked Kagiso what the onlookers might be thinking, would they be critical of this black/white mix? No, he said, they would be wondering how we had all got to know each other. Through Christ, said Gareth.
Rose Westwood