Monday, 21 July 2014

Almost caught up!

Share Day 04: Appreciation Day & Final Goodbyes

Hi all, it's Lex and Jenny here from the Colton/Cheslyn Hay team,

On Friday, the team and I organised an appreciation day for the children in the village of Share. Myself and Laura organised for each member of the team to have a station with an activity which the children, and the careworkers, could freely come and go from. The activities (some more popular than others), consisted of a multitude of activities including, ball games, a parachute and the ever so popular 'loom bands'. As we all expected, the loom bands were the most popular activity with all the careworkers getting involved too and as a result, led to Andy's station, ball games, being empty. It was lovely for us to see all the careworkers and the children having a good day as well as the team having fun too.

For me, the week has been amazing as I had the chance to see familiar faces once again after two years and to be recognised was even better! It was a lovely week and a lovely way to end the week.


Today has been very entertaining with all of the different activites. It was great to see all the careworkers join in with the activites as well as the children, especially the loom bands. I would have to say personally for me this whole experience has been really positive and everyone has beeen so kind to each other, which was nice to see. I hope the next week is just as good as the last week has been.


Delani:: Petros' Church & Lunch

Today we visited Petros, Julia and their family at Delani. On our arrival at the Church we were amazed to see the developments since our visit in 2013.  There is now two piles of bricks and Petros has built an office for their administrative needs.  It is also their intention to use it as a place for prayer and possibly a cooking station before the anticipated kitchen is built.  We were then privileged to be a part of their morning worship  and it was humbling to hear how they felt about our visit.  We then  joined in their singing, praying and dancing. It was a joy to see the children of all ages take a central part in this service, which was led by Petros daughter Peace, who he called the MC (and she is only 16).

We were treated to songs by the Sunday School Choir, Youth Choir and the Church Choir.  One of the highlights was to see the dancing from them all, especially the children.

Jo taught everyone, in her own inimitable style and demonstrated how to sing and do the actions to “I lean”.  Wendy shared the Word of God which came from the heart, and Andy gave his testimony.

The service was vibrant, typically African and a joy.

We then made our way to Petros house where we had a picnic lunch with his family after a tour around his house and listening to his story and his vision for the future,   the leaders of the Community were so keen to ensure Petros stayed that they gave him a choice as to where he wanted to build his house. He has since reconfigured his house to accommodate all the possibilities of helping the community.

After a long journey, we arrived back at the Hub.

Dawn, Jo and Wendy