Saturday, 19 July 2014

Africa Day 1 - By Ruth Clay

After a long journey, flying over about 14 countries, we arrived safely in Johannesburg early this morning- an unlikely little group- Richard & Rose, Sam and Andrew, Gareth, Roseanne, Joe and I. Unlike the seething masses of people we found waiting at airports in Asia, this was much more orderly(!) and we quickly found our way through and out to collect our borrowed cars. Joe's highlight was being high-fived by the toilet attendant who welcomed visitors to his office!! It's mid-winter here -quite cold but with glorious sunshine. After brief stops including for a light lunch at Mugg and Bean we headed out to Klerksdorp. We talked much of the townships and way Africa was divided up under Colonial rule and then passed mile after mile of townships -sobering already to see so much material poverty. The scenery's amazing and full of contrasts from beautiful new houses with pools to - endless dry fields of gold and brown with the roadsides burned off in order to manage the land. We are guests today of Bishop Steve & Brenda Diseko & family who have made us wonderfully welcome and fed us a kind of African spaghetti bolognese and fresh out-the-oven scones and jam! Ah the joys! ( Oops yes-for those who know me well,  this won't all be about the food!!) It's amazing to be welcomed like family and then meet other friends and drink tea when they've never even met us before. Gareth and Roseanne have gone to stay elsewhere tonight and then tomorrow we part 3 ways for day 2 of our African journey. Ruth