Sunday, 20 July 2014

A few days catch up...

Hi everyone, the Colton/Cheslyn Hay team here!

We just wanted to apologise for the lack of blog posts this week as we unfortunately couldn't find an internet connection that worked! We've done our best to inform you all of the weeks events below.

Thank you all for your patience!

Share - Day 1 & 2

Hiya everyone, it's Maisie here!

 These past two days have been both challenging and inspiring. Our first day in Share was extremely tiring after an early start and a lot of travelling but rewarding in equal measure. Meeting new children was lovely and the careworkers gave us such a warm welcome, I felt at home as soon as I arrived. Personally i found the first day diffucult (being tired didnt help),  the children at Share took longer to warm to us than the children at Siyathuthuka which I found hard. After a good night sleep I felt much better and able to face a new day and the situations  I was going to be greated with. I loved today. The careworkers yet again welcomed us in with open arms and seemed so much more relaxed around us. After a brilliant worship and dance, we got to go on the home visits with the careworkers where I met (along with Dawn and Leanne) a lovely family which consited of grandparents who were looking after their three grandchildren, as the mother was too ill to stay at home. The grandmother was so happy to see us and explained how great it is when white people visit. After a long chat where the eldest son asked me about school in England, we said a prayer for the family and headed towards the care point. After an interesting lunch of pap (mash which you wouldnt want to eat), and chickens feet, we played games with the children before saying our good byes and making our way back to Wits.

Share - Day 3: The Greening Project

Hi everyone,

On this day we had a list of jobs that we wanted to complete, and we managed to do practically everything even though it was one of the hottest days.

First off, we carried tyres to the play area where we chose where we were going to bury them. we then began to dig holes in the impossibly hard ground with only two pickaxes and four spades between around 20 of us, our team and the careworkes. A few of us went to find rocks to put in the base of the tyres to keep them steady once we had buried them. After we had buried around 25 tyres we then proceed to paint them with the help of the children who had been gradually arriving.

During this time a couple of us had measured out and cut some chicken wire to put around the various fruit trees we were going to plant around the care point. This was a long and hard process. 

When the painting of the tyres was complete and the cutting of the chicken wire done, we set about finding places to dig to plant the fruit trees. All ten fruit trees were sucessfully planted even though we dug three holes which led to rock and  we had to start again. We were all ready to give up but finally we dug a big enough hole for our mango tree to be planted which we called Marvin. The fruit trees were planted so the care point was provided with shade and fruit in the years to come. After an interesting lunch of Pap, cabbage and beans we headed back to Witz ready for bed. We all found the day very rewarding.

Lizzy and Harriet :)