Saturday, 14 June 2014

6000 miles south

Today, Andy' was going to have a long day........his plan was to go by coach to Heathrow and then to get on an evening flight to Johannesburg. It's a 10 hour flight and usually he is with a team of us so it will be strange travelling alone. I expect he's looking forward to meeting Peter Steen from the US. They will meet each other at the bus stop where they will get on a minibus called the City Bug and will drive East towards the Hands at Work base on the outskirts of White River. They will start getting to know each other on the minibus journey.
I am curious to know how they will recognise each other tomorrow morning because they have never seen each other! I am sure they will rub each other up the wrong way from time to time, as we all do when we live together in community, but the bottom line is that they are doing this for the poorest of the poor and not for themselves......they are going to meet some amazing people who care for these children every single day. Travel safely Andy! Hamba Kahle!

Rose Westwood