Monday, 12 August 2013

Performance poet Millie gets inspired

What happens in Africa stays in Africa:
Climbing water towers and facing down Ollie;
Ryan’s cross dressing, the bad joke jar and Rose feeling jolly.
Yes, what happens in Africa stays in Africa. 

What happen in Africa stays in Africa;
Audrey won’t be in Aldridge nor Wendy in Wyrley.
B and KG won’t be there for when we are feeling surly;
What happens in Africa stays in Africa.
What happens in Africa stays in Africa.
Nyoto’s faith and Thembe’s tears
Deprivation, exploitation and Niko’s fears;
Ryan’s revelations and Rose’s relief;
Maria’s cry for justice and Linda’s belief.
No, what happens in Africa can’t stay in Africa.  
In Britain, we don't dance.
Too reserved, how absurd
would it be to expect us to jig or jive
or even allow our timid toes
to tap to the rhythm of the drummers beat
Bread and meat of the soul
Gods heartbeat brought home

It's staccato,
not a mournful bass that beats one two at an even pace.
It's a mad rhythm, glad rhythm, make you want to dance.
Infectious as can be it will get you with one glance.
So come on, leave your English reticence
and join the wonderful wilderness dance.

Millie Swan