Sunday, 4 August 2013

Partnership and Friendship (cont)

Ruth won the prize for being the first to spot a lion at Kruger Wildlife Reserve yesterday; a cup cake. In fact strictly speaking she wasn't the first to spot it but it was her contribution which meant that we were all able to share this experience. She had gleaned from some people when we stopped for a loo break that there were some lions 15 kilometres up the nearby road; so off we went. She had listened and been willing to learn from the expertise and experience of others rather than charging off and trying to do her own thing.

I think this kind of networking and willingness to learn from others is so important. In a related kind of way I find the sense of being part of a family here enormously enriching. Today we spent time with Pastor Petrus and his wife Julia at their emerging church in Delani (see School Group blog and Kagiso's) and we were caught up in a wave of love and friendship arising from previous meetings and shared prayer. We were able to take them and Audrey and her two children on a wonderful drive after the morning service up the mountains and I listened in on a moving conversation between Ryan and Petrus. Only afterwards did I find out that Ryan had been given his name on a piece of paper some two years ago when names were given out for people to pray for and he had been praying for this Petrus ever since. Only now did he meet him and what an unforgettable meeting that was.

It is such a joy to be sharing this experience with Kagiso and Mmabatho from the Matlosane Diocese which is linked with Lichfield Diocese; to benefit from their insights and comments; to reflect on how the lessons we are learning might be translated into their contexts; to be given a wider dimension to our collective experience; to be learning and lauging and crying together........Somehow that first week in the Matlosane Diocese during which we stayed at Itsoseng and Ikakeng before coming with Kagiso and Mmabatho to experience Hands@Work helped us to prepare as we listened, shared, waited, reflected and renewed friendships.