Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 4 - 2nd August 2013

Today we had our last home visit and I met this remarkable woman. She was very sick and yet the only thing she was bothered about was caring for her child because if she died the grandma would be the only person who could look after her son. This is why she was soldiering on and taking her medication in order to watch her child grow and go to work.
Emily, Church and community team 2013

Today we went onto a home visit to the home of Simon. He lived with his mother, Jane and his father Elijah. Also living at the house was his Uncle Mike and his nephew Jack. Simon is 15 and a few people in our group had met him a few times at the care point. His father was ill and his mother suffered with mental illness. His sister, mother of Jack, is currently working in Johannesburg. We found our home visit very difficult as there was definitely a certain degree of not wanting to talk about what was really going on due to reasons such as confidentiality and trust. My main question was as to why Jack wasn’t in the feeding program and Simon was even though they were living in the same house.
Even though it was a bit of a hard day that led to many questions, I still had a great time with our last afternoon in Share. We shall be back there on Monday but only for the morning so unfortunately won’t see the children again which I found tricky as I found myself saying bye to a lot of children for the second time from 2012 to 2013.
I truly hope I have the honour to be back in Share again one day, the positive energy and vibes you recover of the community is overwhelming and the love for the children is indescribable.

Hannah- Church and Community Team 2013