Thursday, 1 August 2013

Day 3 - 1st August 2013

Today was a day of two halves, building and being. The morning was spent helping to build a toilet, which consisted of throwing a lot of rocks into the holes around the drop toilet. The builders we were working with said that the toilet would last up to 50 years, an impressive achievement!
Next twelve beds and mattresses appeared to be put together, which took a fair amount of skill and ingenuity on the part of the men as some of the screws were less than usable. But eventually all the beds were put together and ready to be taken away by the children that the care workers had identified as needing one.
The afternoon was much more laidback, playing with the children. I ended up in a hair salon with about five girls working on my hair. I had several hairstyles, including many, many plaits and lost half of my hair in the process! I was able to have wonderful conversations with them, but I felt that the most important thing to do was just to be with the children and let them know that they were loved. I love words and language but sometimes they can get in the way of really communicating with people. Silence was important today and I felt so privileged to have been able to spend time with the children I did.
Millie - Church and Community Team 2013

The events of today are very difficult to communicate through words. This is a completely different world, one where a bed isn’t expected and where love thrives. In this community a smile and just being is enough to make someone happy.
I met a three year old girl who made me feel so loved, she started off very quiet and reserved. After a while of playing with the stones she began to smile and we danced. Her laughter was the most joyful and moving sound, it was a sound of pure happiness and life, it is something I will never forget.
I asked one of the care workers for her story, she is the youngest from a child headed family, both parents are deceased and she lives with her two sisters. The eldest is 14 and is both mother and sister. The work is so important over here; it lets children be children and is an escape from the real world. People help heal these wounds not money or materialistic items.

Ruth -  Church and Community Team 2013