Saturday, 3 August 2013

A toilet is on the way...

Maria Tabou from Holy Trinity Heath Town smiles as she checks the toilet
block for size while it is still being built
The Church and Community Team are now more than half way through their time in South Africa.  They have been visiting the community of Share, near Hluvukani in Bush Buck Ridge- in the North East of South Africa. They have accompanied the volunteer care workers on Home Based Care visits, helped with the feeding programme and of course played with the children who are cared for in the care project - all of whom are children who are orphaned or vulnerable.  Another job which the Church & Community Team have been involved with in the last few days has been  helping to build a toilet at the care centre.  The local builders reckon that the toilet will be good for 50 years ! Pretty impressive!  The funds for the toilet and the fence around the community vegetable garden have all been paid for by donations from supporters of the Link 4 Life Project... So it's a big "Thank You" to all who have donated to help with the building of these important facilities.

The photo of Maria Tabou shows her sitting  in what will be the toilet - there are still walls to construct... but good progress is being made.  The toilet will be a "long drop" type of toilet - which is the best kind of toilet for the region in which Share is based - as there are no sewers or running water on hand.

Thanks to the team for all you are doing and thanks to all who who have supported or donated.

Best wishes 
Richard Westwood  - for the Church and Community Team