Monday, 29 July 2013

Two teams- one goal... a successful joining up at Johannesburg Airport 10am Mon 29th July 2013

Church and Community Team as they left Great Wyrley on 28 July
Rose, Kagiso, Revd Sam Diphokwane, Philip, Millie & Maria
After a very early start for one team (who woke up Matlosane)...
and a long flight for the other team  (who left Great Wyrley yesterday)...

- I'm delighted to report that Matlosane Team and the Church & Community Team have met each other at the car hire depot in Johannesburg's O R Tambo airport.  This was what we had planned - and prayed would be able to happen.... but often things don't go to plan... so it's really good news that they have met up as we had hoped they would be able to.

The team (now united as an enlarged Church & Community Team... have about a 4- 5 hour drive to Hands at Work near White River in Mpumalanga.  
From Left) Kagiso Teme, Rose Westwood, Mmabtho Naseba
with Tsholo - a lady from Itsoseng who has been a wonderful host
The team now also includes Kagiso Teme and Mmabatho Naseba who are young people from the Anglican Church Matlosane Diocese.  They have joined the team to see the work which Hands at Work support in communities where there is great need - especially caring for orphaned and vulnerable      children.

  We hope to hear from the team again later today when they arrive at Hands at Work

Richard Westwood... on behalf of the two teams which have now become one.